Bar 13 Wine List


Duras Cabernet, Domaine Vigné-Lourac
South West, France - 12.5% abv
Vibrant juicy red with jammy notes
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Merlot Reserva, Viña Leyda
Colchagua Valley, Chile - 13.5% abv
Fleshy fruit and oaky flavours, with notes of mint and velvety tannins.
Rioja Crianza, Marqués de Arienzo
Rioja, Spain - 14% abv
Spicy aromas of sweet red berries lead to a rounded, lush palate of red fruits.
Melodias Malbec, Trapiche
Mendoza, Argentina - 13.5% abv
A juicy, medium bodied wine with notes of ripe plums, black cherries and a touch of sweet spice.
Pinot Noir Reserva, Viña Leyda
Leyda Valley, Chile - 14.5% abv
Refined on the palate, juicy and full of ripe berry flavours,
a hint of minerality and refreshing finish.
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc IGT Lagone, Aia Vecchia
Tuscany, Italy - 14,5% abv
Dry, structured and elegant with flavours of plum, ripe cherries, wild berries and a hint of spice, followed by a lengthy and smooth finish that begs for food.
San Sereno, organic, Canto alla Moraia
Tuscany, Italy - 13% abv
Pleasant and versatile drinkability. Persistent and at the same time soft, with ripe and none aggressive tannins.
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, Inferi, Marramiero
Abruzzo, Italy - 14% abv
Intense and vanilla, tobacco, liquorice speckled fragrance. Its persistent, warm, rich and harmonious taste.


Mauzac Sauvignon, Domaine Vigné-Lourac
South West, France - 12% abv
Citrus aroma and crisp green fruits on the palate.
Melodias Pinot Grigio, Trapiche
Mendoza, Argentina - 12% abv
Elegant with notes of citrus fruits, flavours of peach, apricot and orange with spices.
Trebbiano DOC, Marramiero, Dama
Abruzzo, Italy - 12% abv
Flowered, pervasive and fruity fragrance. Pleasantly dry and fresh taste.
Gavi DOCG “Serviao”
San Bartolomeo, Italy - 12.5% abv
Fine bouquet of ripe fruit and autumn flowers. In the taste full, very fruity with a fine acidity. Perfectly balanced.
Pinot Grigio, PGI – Organic, Melampo
Tuscany, Italy - 12% abv
Intense perfume, delicate, young, fine taste with a balanced acidity.
Sauvigon Blanc, Yealands Estate
Marlborough, New Zealand - 13% abv
Wood weight and texture, with a focused mineral acidity which deliver fantastic length.
Sancerre, Domaine Franck Millet
Loire, France - 12.5% abv
Intense aromatic nose of leaves, herbs and minerals.
It has fresh acidity.
Chablis, Domaine Bernard Defaix
Burgundy, France - 12.5% abv
Fruit notes of apple and melon with underlying minerality. Dry, rich with complex finish.


Sartori Di Verona
Venato, Italy - 12% abv
Soft blush in colour. Bouquet: Delicate fruit aromas, fresh with bright fruit flavours, supple and balanced.
Le Pas du Moine Rosé, Gassier
Provence, France - 12.5% abv
White peach, blackcurrant and exotic fruits with a crisp minerality.


Rivarose Prestige Brut
Provence, France - 12% abv
The nose offers up a fresh, soft scent of strawberry, raspberry and a little cherry. Flavours of red berries and a little spice.
Brut Mosaïque Rosé, Champagne Jacquart
Champagne, France - 12.5% abv
Red berry-fruit aromas of ripe redcurrants, cherries and wild strawberries give way to notes of plum.


Furleigh Estate, Classic cuvee
Bridport, Dorset, U.K - 12% abv
Enticing aromas of freshly baked brioche, honeyed oats, biscuit and nougat Creamy palate with ripe quince, baked apple and hint of pear frangipane.


Irroy Champagne NV
Champagne, France - 12.5% abv
The thin, fresh and delicate nose exhales fruity aromas of white peache sand ripe pears. Crisp and fresh on the palate.
Special Cuvée, Bollinger NV
Champagne, France - 12% abv
Rich, toasty and full bodied, with wonderful concentration and depth of flavour.
Krug, Grande Cuvée NV
Champagne, France - 12% abv
The finest wines that Champagne has to offer. Rich and complex toasty quality on the nose.


Prosecco Brut, Argeo Treviso DOC, Ruggeri
Veneto, Italy - 11% abv
A lively, crisp, sparkling with a lemon character and a dry refreshing finish.
£7.95 £29.50
Prosecco Spumante, Tenuta San Giorgio
Veneto, Italy - 12% abv
Fruit aromas with particular hints of pear, citrus, tropical fruit. A fine and persistent give vibrancy to the colour.
Prosecco Glera DOC, Mesai Brut, Dal Din
Veneto, Italy - 11% abv
Sparkling wine with fine and persistent fruity aromas of green apple and citrus fruit citrus. The palate is dry, with the harmonic.
Prosecco Terra Serrena DOC Extra Dry (20 Cl Bottle)
Veneto, Italy - 10.5% abv
A delicious and elegant, rounded, fruity style with hints of cherry and wild strawberry.